Episode 51 - The Roz Cass Podcast (w/ Roslyn Cáceres)

This week, Ryan and Roslyn talk about a ton of stuff, like Terminator, Aladdin, Joss Whedon shows, the Arthur theme song from the PBS series and, best of all, donuts. It's a fun, hodgepodge episode that's all the over the place. Enjoy!

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Episode 50 - The 500 Likes Episode


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This week is Ryan's pick, the 1986 Disney feature "The Great Mouse Detective," which has its basis in the iconic, Sherlock Holmes universe. Matt joins Ryan in the first half of the episode to discuss this feature, and Richard joins later to also discuss the toon along with his thoughts on the Sherlock BBC series. Enjoy!



by Matt Mahaffey 

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We have a very special episode this week with guest Filipe B. Costa. Filipe is the director of the hit YouTube video "First Person Goomba." He talks with Ryan about the video, his creative process, and other projects he's currently producing for his YouTube channel. Special guest John Bruyere also lends his interpretation talents in translating Filipe's words to English for our listeners. Enjoy!

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by TonyBear 

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