We cap off February-Themed Black History Month down by the bayou with 2009's "The Princess and the Frog," a modern classic from Disney. Join Ryan, Newcomb, Sinclair and Kevin as they discuss the ins and outs of this feature's production, the characters, the story, the music and the Cajun accent (much to the silent dismay of Newcomb). British Kermit and Springsteen Krusty also make an appearance. Enjoy!



by TonyBear

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February-Themed Black History Month is still going strong this week with 1992's "Bébé's Kids." Based on the Robin Harris stand-up bit, "Bébé's Kids" was the first cartoon movie to feature an African-American main cast. However, it was mainly picked for nostalgic reasons. Will it hold up for the guys? Will it be another Rock-A-Doodle? Perhaps. Listen and enjoy!


Smile Like You Mean It

by Tally Hall

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Episode 53 - The PJs

Sketchy kicks off its February-Themed Black History Month with the short-lived Fox series "The PJs." Join Nukem, Matthew and Kevin as they discuss the controvsersial, not-sure-if-racist humor of the Eddie Murphy voiced claymation cartoon. Enjoy!


Amy Winehouse Went to UMass (Pixies vs Moe Pope)

by dj BC

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Episode 52 - Year One Review

Sketchy turns 1-year old this week! So, Matt and Ryan reminisce about the fun, scary, gruelling, and slightly racists moments that this year offered. It's a mega-episode full of tangents galore, and it's so much fun! So listen, and thanks for tuning in for the first year of Sketchy :)



by Bad Rabbits

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