Episode 60 - Despicable Me (w/ Nafeeza Hussain)

This week, Ryan and special guest Nafeeza Hussain discuss 2010's "Despicable Me." In addition to the film, Ryan and Nafeeza lecture on the cremasteric reflex, the abducens nerve and "stink eyes." Later, there is a "Name That Toon" and "Name Game" with Newcomb, Matt Sinclair and Kevin James. Enjoy!

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This week is the return of Filipe B. Costa! Filipe, the busiest animator in Brazil, is back with another awesome first-person video. This time it takes place in the Street Fighter world, showing Ryu wreak havoc on a pile of bricks. Richard's also here to provide his own experience with the video game. In addition to First Person Street Fighter, we also cover some of other Filipe's works and video games in general. Also, as before, John Bruyere provides the translation and English dubbing for Filipe's audio. Thanks, John. Enjoy!

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Nice Day

by The Salteens

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Episode 58 - Toxic Crusaders (w/ Ingrid Olson)

This week is Troma's short-lived cartoon series "Toxic Crusaders" from 1991. Based on the 1984 cult classic "The Toxic Avenger," this series follows a group of supermutants with powers to fight pollution. Joining Ryan this week is his girlfriend, Ingrid Olson, a big fan of Troma Entertainment, to discuss this cartoon, other Troma films, her Scandinavian name and her love for Phoebe Cates. Enjoy!


Oddney Strangerfield (Lungbutter)

by Dinosaur Burps

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Episode 57 - Animated Shorts: The Backwater Gospel, The Passenger, The Saga of Biorn, Zero

Newcomb's pick this week is a series of short, animated films. They are all on YouTube (and listed below) and are freaking awesome. So, if you like good things, check them out and listen to this fun episode. Also joining Newcomb is Ryan, Kate Mac, Kevin, and Richard. Enjoy!

Animated Short Films

The Backwater Gospel

The Passenger

The Saga of Biorn



The Beating of a Lifetime

by The Appreciation Post

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The Oscars were last week, so this episode is about all the nominated animated features, which include "Pirates! A Band of Misfits," "Frankenweenie," "Paranorman," "Wreck-It Ralph" and the winner, "Brave." At the time of this recording, the Oscars had not aired, so we had no idea what won. So, you get to hear some of us sound like idiots when we predict the winner incorrectly. There's also an additional recording at the end from your pal, Matthew R. Sinclair. Enjoy!

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