Kevin James takes the Sketchy helm this week to discuss Fox's very short-lived cartoon series "Swamp Thing." Based on the comic book character of the same name, Swamp Thing is an eco-friendly hero out to really just sell toys and get the theme song stuck in your head. Stay tuned for the name game at the end. Enjoy!


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This week is Matt Newcomb's pick, 1988's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." This wildly successful film features a flawless mixture of live action with animation and great writing, acting, directing... pretty much great everything. Of course, this was praised up and down by the Sketchy hosts. So, if you think it is an inferior film, get your hate mail ready. Enjoy!


Don't Wake Me Up

by The Organ Beats

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Episode 62 - Pocahontas

This week Sketchy delves into the 1995 Disney feature "Pocahontas." Requested by Sketchy listener, Rachel, this "Disney Renaissance" film sparked some controversy amongst the hosts (not to mention the Native American community). However, there are plenty of elements to pick apart here besides the historical inaccuracy. So, stop reading and start listening. Enjoy!


Swampland Struggle

by Tommy Cazad

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Episode 61 - Space Ghost: Coast to Coast/The Creed

This week is the long-lived Cartoon Network series "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast," an animated, late-night talk show featuring old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Later, Kevin James talks about his new film project "The Creed," and we talk about musical guilty pleasures (except Matt Sinclair and Richard Thornton who were too cool for school at age 11). Also, tune in at the end to hear about an opportunity to guest on the show. Enjoy!

The Creed  Search "The Creed"


Moving Backwards

by The Appreciation Post

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