Sketchy celebrates Black History Month a bit late with "The Boondocks." Join Matt and Ryan, perhaps the whitest guys on the internet, as they navigate the complexity of this controversial cartoon. Enjoy!

Judo Flip (Boondocks Theme Song Full Version)
by Asheru

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Episode 106 - Frozen

Sketchy reviews the mega-hit from Disney, "Frozen." Join Matt, Ryan, Kate Mac and Ingrid as they basically fight. Really it was just Kate Mac and Ryan yelling at each other. Also, Sketchy apologizes for Ryan's energy this episode. Enjoy!

Friend Is A Four Letter Word (Powercord Remix)
by Cake & Powercord

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Sketchy continues "Fanuary" into "February" with the DC-Animated film "Justice League: Doom." Enjoy!

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So, it's been two years, and somehow the internet hasn't kicked us off yet. Hurry up and listen while you still can. Enjoy!

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