Sketchy welcomes Darwan to discuss the incredibly creative and fun anime series "Sword Art Online." This happens to also be a listener request, so yay about that. Enjoy!

Everything I Have

by Dar-1

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Sketchy gets to a request that's been a year in the waiting. It's "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends!" And it's awesome. Enjoy!

We'll Be Okay
by Imaginary Friend


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Episode 114 - Archer (w/ Warren Doyle)

Sketchy revisits the immensely popular series "Archer." This week, Ryan welcomes his good friend Warren to discuss this cartoon as well as everything from medical school to his voice. Enjoy!

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Sketchy discusses the (relatively) new release "Mr. Peabody & Sherman." History buffs should really get a kick out of this one. Enjoy!

Grow Up
by sElf


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