Episode 120 - The Cleveland Show

The Sketchy hosts reunite after a month to discuss a recently-cancelled Seth MacFarlane toon "The Cleveland Show." Enjoy!


Grow Up

by sELF

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Episode 119 - Monsters, Inc. (w/ Andy Harless & Danielle Stephens)

This week's episode is so much fun. Ryan laughs harder than he has in a while when discussing Monsters, Inc. with his friends Andy and Danielle. There's plenty of Tangentland, but that's what makes this episode great.


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Episode 118 - Recess (w/ Ken Kruger)

This week Sketchy welcomes Ken Kruger to talk "Recess: School's Out," and also the television series itself. Enjoy!


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This week Nukem and Kate Mac review another listener request "The Secret of Kells. It's an Irish-French-Belgian production, so you know it's good. Enjoy!

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