Episode 125 - Sekirei (セキレイ)

This week, Sketchy welcomes back friend-of-the-show Darwan Pursoo to discuss the... interesting... anime Sekirei. You'll just have to listen. Enjoy!

In For The Kill (Skrillex remix)
by La Roux


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This week, Sketchy discusses "How To Train Your Dragon 2." Though Matt liked it, you'd never know by listening to this episode. Enjoy! 

The Worst Day Since Yesterday
by Flogging Molly


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Episode 123 - Teen Wolf & Other Animated Series

You know how some movies turn out to be really awesome, and then their cartoons are crap? Well, this week we reveiw the crap. It's "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes," "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "Teen Wolf." Enjoy!

Night Court
by Mux Mool 

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Episode 122 - Adventure Time

Sketchy reviews the most-requested cartoon of the podcast "Adventure Time." It's a crazy show, as you know, so hurry up and listen. Enjoy!

The Lilyest Hobo


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Episode 121 - Son of Batman/X-Men: Days of Future Past

Sketchy discusses the DC animated film "Son of Batman," and Ryan reviews the new Marvel live-action film "X-Men: Days of Future Past." It's a great episode, so stop reading this and listen. Enjoy!

Shining On
by Big D and The Kids Table

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