Episode 129 - Hercules

Zero to hero! No, not that Hercules. This is the Brett Ratner Hercules starirng The Rock. And Ryan traveled all the way to Boston to see it with Newcomb. Enjoy!

by sElf


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Ryan returns to Sketchy, and this week he and Newcomb discuss a documentary by French director Michel Gondry, who animated his conversations with famed philosopher Noam Chomsky. It's "Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?" Enjoy!

Banter For The Common Man
by Sam Winch


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This week, it's just Newcomb speaking so soothingly through your speakers/headphone. He's discussing RahXephon as well as an update on the Patent Trolls case. Enjoy!

Experation Date
by Pomplamoose 


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Episode 126 - Cartoon Commercials

This week, Sketchy discusses animated ad campaigns, from the taboo to the familiar to the downright bizarre. Enjoy!

The Rake's Song
by The Decemberists


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