HBO cartoons are not common, and this week, we discuss a recent one. It's "The Life & Times of Tim," a series about a hapless, yet apathetic man in the city. Created by and starring Steve Dildarian, the series also features the voice talents of Nick Kroll. Enjoy!

Hold Me Now
by The Polyphonic Spree

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Episode 137 - Space Shorts: Crater Face, Johnny Express, The Guardian's Tale, Space Stallions, Sweeties, Monkey Moon, Space Alone, Draw With Me

This week is another short film showcase. Newcomb curated a series of animations with an outer space theme. You can find this list with YouTube links below (and on our facebook page). They are all pretty short, so spend a little time watching them, then come back and listen to us. Enjoy!


Space Shorts
Crater Face
Johnny Express
The Guardian's Tale
Space Stallions

Monkey Moon
Space Alone
Draw With Me

by Ambulance LTD

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Episode 136 - Ghost In The Shell (攻殻機動隊)

This week, Sketchy covers another recent-classic of Anime. It's 1995's "Ghost In The Shell," which is a well-known influence on The Matrix. Enjoy!


Say My Name

by Odesza


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Episode 135 - Akira (アキラ)

This week, Sketchy covers a classic. It's Akira, and it's crazy. What does it mean? We discuss that in this episode. Enjoy!


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Episode 134 - Mighty Max (w/ Sock Talk Podcast)

Newcomb welcomes the guys from "Sock Talk Podcast" and the creators of the new documentary "My Name Is... Jonah" to discuss Mighty Max. Plenty of tangents. Enjoy!

My Name Is... Jonah

Sock Talk Podcast

Figure It Out

by Royal Blood


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