Episode 168 - Big Hero 6

Several months after it won the Oscar for "Best Animated Feature," Sketchy finally decides to discuss "Big Hero 6." Featuring the voice talents of Scott Adsit (from 30 Rock), T.J. Miller (from everywhere), Ryan Potter and Daniel Henney, this film touches on a lot. So, stop reading and start listening. Enjoy!

Mr. Roboto
by Styx (Kids On Drugs dubstep remix)

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Sketchy discusses the 2011 "Batman: Year One" and the DC comic by Frank Miller on which it was based. This story examines a young Bruce Wayne (Benjamin McKenzie) testing the waters of vigilante justice and a new lieutenant named James Gordon (Bryan Cranston) who just joined the Gotham police department. Enjoy!

And Here We Test Our Powers Of Observation
by The Bad Plus

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Episode 166 - Tiny Toon Adventures

This week it's "Tiny Toon Adventures," a pick by Ingrid. Produced by Steven Spielberg, this 90s television series featured a new generation of Looney Tunes characters and a plethora of pop culture references. Enjoy!

Ana Ng
by sElf

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This week it's the Dreamworks 2015 animation "Home," starring Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) as "Oh", an alien belong to the race "Boov" that kicked humans out of their house and made Earth its new home. Rihanna also stars as "Tip," a girl who escaped the initial purge and who's looking for her mom. Tip and Oh team up to help each other out... even though they can't stand each other... and even though Matt hated this movie. Enjoy!

Stay Home
by sElf

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Episode 164 - Song of the Sea

Sketchy falls in love with 2014's "Song of the Sea," an Irish animated film by Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells) that was nominated for an Academy Award. Featuring the voice talents of David Rawle and Brendan Gleeson, this film explores the Celtic myth of the selkie from the perspective of the a little girl and her brother. Enjoy!

Good To Sea
by Pinback

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Episode 163 - The Story of Menstruation

This week Sketchy mines the annals of YouTube for this unexpected Walt Disney Production "The Story of Menstruation." It's a short, 10-minute educational film about the importance of cycles (with some good advice, ladies). Enjoy!

Vanity Fair
by Mr. Bungles

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