Episode 204 - Michigan J. Frog (aka The WB Frog)

This episode is a Sketchy first. Instead of discussing a tv show or movie, we are discussing a cartoon character. That character is Michigan J. Frog, who first appeared in the Merrie Melodies 1955 cartoon "One Froggy Evening" (that Ryan fondly remembers played first on the VHS of "Little Giants"). He then appeared in the 1995 sequel "Another Froggy Evening," which we also discuss. Mr. Frog, pretty much considered a Looney Tune character, also appeared in episodes of Tiny Toons Adventures and Animaniacs in the 90s. He is perhaps best known as the mascot for the WB television network, in which we also refer to him as "The WB Frog." Enjoy!

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Episode 203 - Peter Pan (1953)

Listeners have requested more Disney. So, here's more Disney. It's the 1953 adaptation of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Join us to discuss Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, and the Lost Boys in Neverland all the while comparing them to what we remember from Steven Spielberg's masterpiece "Hook." Enjoy! 

NOTE: There was some technical difficulty in the recording of this episode. Please forgive the change in the usual quality.

Neverland (feat. Ruth B)
by Abstract

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Episode 202 - X-Men (1992)

This week we finish up with Superfan Giovanni to discuss another great Stan Lee creation, the 90s Marvel and Fox cartoon "X-Men" from 1992. In this episode, we discuss the "Days of Future Past" story arc, featuring everyone's favorite characters, Bishop and Cable. Does a mall babe eat chili fries? Listen and see.

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Episode 201 - Spider-Man (1994)

Sketchy welcomes friend-of-the-show, Superfan Giovanni (G.I.O. Podcast and Podgodz podcast among others) to discuss the Spider-Man animated series from 1994 that aired on Fox Kids, arguably one of the best super-hero cartoon adaptations ever made. Period. And if you want to argue, we'll be here.

Bring it.

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