Episode 207 - All Dogs Go To Heaven

Another Don Bluth film this week. It's "All Dogs Go To Heaven" featuring the voices of Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Judith Barsi and Charles Nelson Reilly. It gets a little sad, but try to enjoy anyway!

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This episode is all about "Anastasia," the 1997 animated film from Don Bluth. Mixing in some real history with some fantasy, "Anastasia" examines the myth of what happened to the Romanov daughter in Russia 1918. The film features the voices of Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Hank Azaria, Kirsten Dunst and Christopher Lloyd. Enjoy!

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The Ukranians

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Episode 205 - Minions

Sketchy welcomes back past guest Nafeeza Hussain to discuss "Minions," as well as the Despicable Me franchise and why many people seem to hate the minions. Enjoy!

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