Sketchy welcomes guest Scott Williamson to discuss his pick this week, 1993's "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm." It's a fun, Tangentland of an episode with discussions about Batman, Justice League, McDonalds characters and Scott's adventures at film festivals. Enjoy!

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Hey Sketchy listeners, this week we review Rankin and Bass' production of "The Last Unicorn". The animation team of this went on to form Studio Ghibli, and this is Danny's from the Game Grumps favorite film. Music by America, music in this episode by Ninja Sex Party, you NEED to check this out.

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Check out the author, Peter S. Beagle:

And check out the music of Ninja Sex Party:

Direct download: Episode_-_The_Last_Unicorn.mp3
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On this episode, the Sketchy crew are joined by returning guest Superfan Giovanni from Classic Loveline & Adam Carolla to review Disney's 1992 release of Aladdin. Ryan unfortunately fell asleep during recording.

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Direct download: Episode_273_-_Disneys_Aladdin.mp3
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On this episode, the Sketchy crew are joined by Emily Murray @illuminatihotty to discuss her pick, "Over the Garden Wall" a miniseries from 2014. It is dark, scary, and many times funny and sweet.

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Direct download: Episode_272_-_Over_The_Garden_Wall.mp3
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Hey Sketchy listeners, this week we continue October Themed Halloween Month with the Rankin/Bass animagic of "Mad Monster Party?" The same people who have done the Rudolf and Santa stop motion classics.

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Direct download: Mad_Monster_Party.mp3
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Hey! After a short delay we kick off "October Themed Halloween Month" with Monster House by Dan Harmon & Rob Schrab! Produced by Steven Spielberg & Robert Zemeckis, this feature is full of fresh creeps and nostalgia. Enjoy!

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Direct download: Episode_270_-_Monster_House.mp3
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This week, we discuss the 2001 Richard Linklater rotoscoped film "Waking Life," starring a multitude of people talking about seemingly everything. Go watch it. Then come back and listen. Enjoy!

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Direct download: Episode269.mp3
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This week, Sketchy welcomes David Smith and Rebecca Fitzgerald to discuss what the Grimace is after watching "The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: The Legend of Grimace Island." It's a fun episode with twists and turns. Enjoy!

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Find David Smith's podcast on iTunes at "Fairly Reserved."

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In this episode, we review the artistic abomination of "Cool World"... the adult themed Roger Rabbit wannabe. So many talented people in this film on both sides of the camera, how did this go wrong? Listen & find out!

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Direct download: Episode_267_-_Cool_World.mp3
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This week we review the reboot of Neon Genesis "Evangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone". Giant robots, killer aliens, and a loveless, wimp of a main character. How could you go wrong?

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Direct download: Episode_266_-_Evangelion_1.0_You_Are.mp3
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This week we review the classic Studio Ghibli's "Kiki's Delivery Service" from 1989. We also have a call-in message from animator & friend Justin Marchert.

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Direct download: Episode_265_-_Kikis_Delivery_Service.mp3
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Today Dar-1 joins us to review Disney's series Tailspin! Check out his music at

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Direct download: Episode_264_-_Tailspin.mp3
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Hey everyone! Today we are covering the Disney show "Wander over Yonder" by Craig McCracken from the PowerPuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. This is a listener request and if you have one, send us a message at or our request form on our site!

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Direct download: Episode_263_-_Wander_Over_Yonder.mp3
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Darwan returns to discuss his pick for this week, the Justice League TV series that aired from 2001-2004. Episodes discussed include the last four of the series, which are "Comfort & Joy" and the 3-part "Starcrossed" arc. Darwan also has a new album out, that you can get on iTunes and Spotify. Enjoy!

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Buy Darwan's "Dar-1 Theory: Origin" 
Dar-1 Music

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Sketchy season 5 coming in strong with Disney's 1991 Beauty and the Beast as well as music tangents and odd discussion involving Peabo Bryson and his never ending talent AND vengeance.

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Direct download: Episode_261_-_Beauty_and_the_Beast.mp3
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5 years! We made it! Thank you all for listening, sharing and being fantastic! We've been through a lot and we're glad you're here! More shows, more fun, and more tangents are on the way!

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Direct download: Episode_260_-_5_Year_Anniversary.mp3
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Well! We have been busy, but here is a new Sketchy episode long overdue! We cover the brief return of Beavis and Butthead (episodes still currently available to watch for free on as well as many many tangents.

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Direct download: Episode_259_-_Beavis_and_Butthead.mp3
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After a long break, we're back with the last of Music March... er.. May with "Tuesday" a piece scored by Beatle, Paul McCartney. And in typical Sketchy fashion, we go down many tangents.

Watch Tuesday on YouTube here:

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Direct download: Episode_258_-_Tuesday.mp3
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Hey Sketchy listeners, sorry for our delay! Nukem has a new job, Clagg & Ingrid has been busy with moving into a new place as well as patients & tests. So many good things, but sorry we've been away. This episode we cover the partially... almost minimally animated film from Pink Floyd: The Wall from 1982... We all thought there was more animation.

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Direct download: Episode_257_-_Pink_Floyd_-_The_Wall.mp3
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Hey everyone! On this episode, the Sketchy crew review 1968's The Yellow Submarine which kinda, sorta, stars the Beatles! As usual we have tangens, play a few covers, and hope you enjoy!

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Direct download: Episode_256_-_Yellow_Submarine.mp3
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Episode 255 - #MichaelJackson's Moonwalker from 1988! The Sketchy crew review this mixed media, musical movie written by the King of Pop! And it doesn't hold up well... But check out our Twitch & YouTube to watch Nukem play the video game!
Watch the trailer here:
Watch the movie here (while you can):
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#KingOfPop #Jackson #Moonwalker #Genesis #Twitch #Youtube #LetsPlay #Bad (in more than one way... oof)
Direct download: Episode_255_-_Moonwalker.mp3
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This week, we review 1971 Harry Nillsson's "The Point" an album turned cartoon, then live musical for our Musical March theme!

You can see the trailer here:

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Direct download: Episode_254_-_The_Point.mp3
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On a very special Sketchy Podcast, we chat with Spencer Rothbell, writer for the animated show "Clarence" (check out our review of the show in Episode 185). He spills the beans on his life, loves, early career, and how he escaped New Jersey.

Find him on Twitter @SRothbell or his website

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Direct download: Episode_253_-_Spencer_Rothbell.mp3
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On this episode, Ingrid forces Clagg & Nukem to watch the live action, made for TV film "The Hugga Bunch Movie"

Suffer as much as you can here:

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Direct download: Episode_252_Hugga_Bunch.mp3
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Hello Sketchy Listeners! Today we've got a minisode about The Amazing Screw-On Head by Mike Mignola (the creator of Hellboy). The short stars David Hyde Pierce, Paul Giamatti, Patton Oswalt, Mindy Sterling, Molly Shannon, and Corey Burton, so a very talented cast all around!

You can watch the pilot here:

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Direct download: Episode_251_-_The_Amazing_Screw-On_Head.mp3
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Hey Sketchy Peeps! Today's minisode covers the failed THEN resurrected pilot "Pinky Malinky"

You can watch the original here:

And the revamped version here:

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Direct download: Episode_250_-_Pinky_Malinky.mp3
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Episode 249 - Moomins and the Comet Chase

Hey everyone! On this episode the Sketchy gang welcomes two guests Patrick & Leah, to review Moomins and the Comet Chase!

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Episode 248 - Korgoth of Barbaria

On this minisode, we cover the failed pilot of Korgoth of Barbaria. The ultra-violent, heavy metal inspired episode from Adult Swim. Check it out in the link below!

Korgoth Pilot:

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Direct download: Episode_248_-_Korgoth_of_Barbaria.mp3
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Hey Sketchy listeners, we're back with a new minisode about the failed cartoon pilot for Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Animated Series. Find out how a cartoon with a strong female lead didn't make it to television.

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Direct download: Episode_247_-_Buffy_the_Animated_Ser.mp3
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Hercules! Hercules! This episode the Sketchy gang sit down and watch the Disney movie Hercules. From Zero to Hero, in two years flat (since our last Hercules podcast).

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Direct download: Episode_246_Disneys_Hercules.mp3
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This episode we review some animated music videos from some really talented artists, both from the musical groups and animators behind these pieces. You can watch along with our playlist from the link below!

Episode 245 - Music Videos

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Direct download: Episode_245_-_Music_Videos_Vol_4.mp3
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This episode we take a nostalgia trip back to the Burger King Kids Club. Clagg, Ingrid, and Nukem also make a whopper of a tangent when Ryan laments that he never worked in fast food.

You can watch the old commercials on our YouTube page: BK Kids Club Playlist

Thanks for listening, following and sharing!

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Direct download: Episode_244_-_Burger_King_Kids_Club.mp3
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This week, Nukem , Clagg & Ingrid review the many animated series based of Jim Carrey movies; namely Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, and The Mask. Sadly, our sources were pulled off from YouTube, but you can find other postings from YouTube users. If you can't watch them, don't worry, you aren't missing much as the animated series are VERY different from the films they are based on.

A partial list can be found here: Sketchy Playlist on YouTube

Thanks for listening, subscribing, sharing and all you do!

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Direct download: Episode_243_-_Jim_Carrey_Cartoons_-.mp3
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This episode Clagg, Ingrid & Nukem talk about Patton Oswalt's take on "Christmas Shoes" as well as Alvin & The Chipmunks. This was a lost episode and the audio is a bit hot so turn down your speakers. Things go back to normal in our next episode.

Watch what we reviewed here:

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Direct download: Episode_242_-_Patton_Oswalt_Christm.mp3
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Episode 241 - Mr Wong

Ingrid, Clagg, Nukem & Special Guest Dar-1 discuss the Icebox (Now Mondo) web series Mr. Wong. This is one of the few times we'll say to listen to us first before you watch what we did, haha!

Listen to Dar-1's music at:

Watch Mr Wong here: Sketchy's YouTube Playlist

Thanks for listening, sharing and all you do!

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Direct download: Episode_241_-_Mr_Wong.mp3
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Episode 240 - Green Arrow with Dar-1

Dar-1 is back for DC showcase: Green Arrow! Also his track "Can't Stop Us Now" is at the end of the episode. Check out more of his work at:

Watch what we reviewed here:

Thanks for listening, sharing, subscribing and all you do! 

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Direct download: Episode_240_-_Green_Arrow_with_Dar-1.mp3
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Episode 239 - Jonah Hex with Dar-1

Dar-1 is back for another DC showcase in Sketchy Podcast episode 239! Also his track Grey Area is at the end of the episode. Check out more of his work at:

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Direct download: Episode_239_-_Jonah_Hex_with_Dar-1.mp3
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Episode 238: DC Showcase - Catwoman is now available on iTunes with special guest Dar-1 & an exclusive track "Flowers" from him after the show 😁 Find us, Listen, Like us ❤
Watch what we reviewed:
Listen to more of Darwan here:

Like him on Facebook:

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Direct download: Episode_238_-_DC_Showcase_Catwoman.mp3
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We have a special treat for Sketchy listeners, our #1 fan created his own cartoon show! Enjoy this episode with the reunited Sketchy crew and creator of "Fantasy Hospital" Justin Marchert. The series stars include Pete Holmes, Wil Wheaton, Alison Rosen, Kunal Nayyar, Emma Caulfield, Jonah Ray, Pauley Perrette, Bil Ratner, Cooper Harris, Marek Probosz and many others!

The webiste:

The IMDB page:

The YouTube:

Thanks for listening, sharing, subscribing and all you do! 

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Direct download: Episode_237_-_Fantasy_Hospital__Jus.mp3
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Happy New Year! We're back with our last Christmas episode featuring the full Sketchy crew in one room! This episode, we cover the 1965 Peanuts animated classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

Watch the episode here:

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