Hey listeners, hope you had a great summer! This week the Sketchy crew are reviewing 2020's release of Onward from Disney & Pixar. We get into some personal details and why this is a great film that failed in the box office, though there may be other reasons for that.

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Hey folks, we delve into the partially animated documentary "Bill Hicks: An American Story" with a few drug inspired tangents. Hope you enjoy and new episodes will be coming soon!

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This week, we review 2001's "Spirited Away" by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. We get into tangents, vomit, and even the musical Grease. And we do hope you enjoy this fun filled episode. Thanks! Find us on the top podcasting platforms, share us, and write suggestions for us to review at

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This week we cover Dropout.TV's "WTF 101" an educational show with a lot of adult humor and truly shocking facts about science, nature, and history. We also have a game of more true or false facts at the end of the show!

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Hey everyone, this week Ingrid and Nukem review 1992's Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. Ryan joins in to recount his feelings on the film.

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This week, we review some Halloween classics from Tom & Jerry and Merry Melodies.

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Hello everyone, today we review King of the Hill with friend of the show, animmator and comedian Justin Marchert from and we have the return of our announcer Smith Harrison from

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This week Ingrid and Ryan are joined by their friend Liz to discuss "American Dad" and a bunch of other tangents as always. Enjoy!

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We're back... again, and this time with new artwork!

We're discussing Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling among other big updates. Enjoy!

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